Recognizing that there is a population of young people who may struggle with one or more of the individual skills that make up professionalism, our aim is to offer a training environment that will encourage candidates to discover and develop their own personal style and applying it at their workplace.


Quality is what we seek from candidates and what we offer to our clients. Quality people produce quality work and services. We don't just train candidates, we take holistic approach that seeks to develop and nurture each individual so they can grow and improve their skills and achieve their goals. 


Part of being Elite is to apply finesse in all areas of our training. It is a skill in handling a difficult or highly sensitive situation with such delicacy and performance. We incorporate this so that candidates can understand that they have it in them and therefore they are capable to handle themselves in the face of adversity with a positive outcome.


Be Elite & Plan your training with us!

Wether you are new to aviation or transitioning from a commercial aviation career, our Elite Trainig Courses equips you with all the tools you need to excel.



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Cabin Crew Elite is a business consulting company that features in-flight aviation service training courses.
Elite Service Training, presented by our experienced instructors, is a 3 day course that gives a real inside view of an exemplary culinary skills for successful and effective in-flight cabin service.



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