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Cabin Crew Elite is a business consulting company that offers in-flight aviation service training courses to support and maintain the quality standards of the corporate aviation industry worldwide.

Organized based on the idea of “learning by doing”, the event presents a variety of topics about private and commercial flying, offering a space for exchanges of ideas and the experience of an open, unbiased inflight training and a full interview preparation in an interactive environment. .

The team consists of highly experienced instructors with over 50 years of experience in the aviation field in both commercial and corporate.

"The passion for delivering the highest quality of in-flight services has brought us together and our main goal is to produce the finest of individuals in this domain. Our mission is to offer a complete training solution to corporate aircraft operators, cabin crew and aviation candidates covering aspects of safety and personal development with focus on in-flight dining services."

We hope that you'll enjoy the journey with us!

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About Us

Consulting Business Services

Cabin Crew Elite is a business consulting company that features in-flight aviation service training courses.
Elite Service Training, presented by our experienced instructors, is a 3 day course that gives a real inside view of an exemplary culinary skills for successful and effective in-flight cabin service.



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