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Do you think that packing the luggage is a piece of cake? Well, as a corporate flight attendant it is mandatory to be very well organized so you can focus all your energy on your guests. For this purpose you have to:

  • have a packing list, so if you miss an item, you have plenty of time to purchase it.
  • pack clothes that are versatile, meaning clothes that can be business, but casual attire as well
  • take care about charging all gadgets,have all kinds of adaptors
  • have extra medication in case your trip is extended.

As lately people tend to spend more and more time flying, private jets have become a micro universe where they have to spend quality time, comfortable and worry-free.

Only by understanding the people, their habits and needs, you will become a successful corporate flight attendant that has to put together passion, commitment and respect.


As we understand the importance of every little detail in creating the whole, we have designed a long lasting sustainable training that will allow you to grow in the aviation business.

Because our passion for flying continues beyond our jobs, Cabin Crew Elite accompanies you at each step of your journey. The more you want to know, the more benefits you will enjoy. And to step up to private flying, the Elite Service Training offers you the opportunity to suit your personality.

Be Elite and plan your career with us!


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